Free School Posters

FREE School Washroom Posters

Sometimes children can forget things.

Like washing their hands or flushing the toilet. That is why and Cubicle Centre have teamed up to bring you these eight washroom posters.

These free posters use fun illustrations and humour to remind your younger pupils about washroom hygiene.

The poster themes include:

  • Remember to wash your hands
  • How to wash your hands properly
  • Remember to flush
  • How much water children should drink each day
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Free School Washroom Guide

Complete guide to school washrooms

Save time and effort with this handy guide to your school washroom renovation.

The 24-page PDF includes:

  • Current foundation to key stage 4 regulations
  • 11 best practices for school toilets
  • How to plan and design your cubicles correctly
  • 6 mistakes to avoid, so Ofsted won’t criticise your washrooms
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