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There must be 1001 questions that you must have when choosing the right washroom cubicles for you pupils, below we’ve answered some of the popular questions that frequently get asked. If you can’t find your answer below or feel your a bit unsure, then get in touch with our friendly sales team for FREE impartial advice to your washroom needs.

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How many cubicles do I need?

Nursery (age 3 – 5 years)

Sanitary appliance Number of sanitary appliances
WC 1 per 10 pupils or part thereof, not less than 4
Washbasin 1 per WC
Deep sink, bath or shower 1 per 40 pupils

Primary (age 4 – 11 years)

Sanitary appliance Number of sanitary appliances Remarks
WC and urinal 1 per 10 pupils under 5 years; and 1 per 15 pupils over 5 years, or part thereof Not more than 2/3rds of boys’ appliances to be urinals
Washbasin 1 per WC / urinal  Every WC / urinal to be close to a washbasin
Shower (where provided) Ask about our  ‘Swimming pools’ guide

Secondary (age 11+ years)

Sanitary appliance Number of sanitary appliances Remarks
Boys’ WC and urinal 1 per 20 pupils, or part thereof Not more than 2/3rds of appliances to be urinals
Girls’ WC 1 per 20 pupils
Washbasin 1 per WC / urinal where there are up to 3 appliances; 2 per 3 WC / urinal where there are more than 3 appliances Every WC / urinal to be close to a washbasin
Shower (where physical education provided) Ask about our  ‘Swimming pools’ guide Easily accessible from all places where physical education takes place
  1. Separate staff facilities should be provided in accordance with ‘Office washrooms’, except that facilities for disabled staff may be shared with pupils.
  2. Where pupils are 8 years old or over, changing rooms and sanitary facilities for PE staff should be in addition to and separate from sanitary facilities for pupils.


Frequently asked questions

What is a cubicle configuration?

This is the arrangement the cubicles will be constructed in. We will need to know the cubicle configuration before quoting.

What are the minimum sizes for a toilet cubicle?

750mm (wide) x 1500mm (deep)

What should I clean my cubicles with?

For MFC, remove general stains and marks with a proprietary non-abrasive bathroom or kitchen surface cleaning solution on a damp cloth. Do not use excessive amounts of water or solution.

CGL cubicles are water proof and can therefore be cleaned more intensely with water and solution.

Avoid scrubbing or using anything with sharp edges in contact with the panels.

How many toilet cubicles do I need in my school?

Pupils under the age of 5 years – 1 toilet for every 10 pupils

Pupils over 5 years of age – 1 toilet for every 20 pupils

In special schools – 1 toilet for every 10 pupils, regardless of age

How many washbasins do I need in washrooms?

If the majority of pupils are under the age of 11 then as many wash basins as toilets are required.

If the majority of pupils in the school are over the age of 11:

Washrooms with 1 toilet must contain at least 1 washbasin

Washrooms with 2 toilets must contain at least 2 washbasins

Washrooms with 3 or more toilets must have at least two-thirds the number of washbasins as there are toilets

Can we have unisex toilets for the pupils?

The law states that toilet areas for male and female pupils over the age of 8 must be separate.

Do we need showers in the changing rooms?

Suitable changing accommodation and showers must be provided for pupils aged 11 years or over at the start of the school year who receive physical education.

Do the staff need a separate toilet area?

Staff toilets should be separate from pupils although when a toilet is designed for use by those who are disabled, it can be also used by staff and visitors.

Which are best urinals or private toilet cubicles?

In a document compiled by the Department for Education and Skills, the following advice had been provided for Secondary School toilets:

“It is better if the use of urinals is avoided in school environments, since research has shown that at puberty, boy’s use of urinals is problematic. The trough type in particular can contribute to a medical condition known as ‘shy bladder syndrome’.”

Private toilet cubicles that lock is preferred to urinals.

How can we reduce anti-social behaviour occurring in the washrooms?

It is advised that space outside the cubicles is kept to a minimum to combat anti-social behaviour. Vandal resistant cubicles are also available which are made from Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) panels which are impact resistant. The CGL products available are Brecon CGL and Cairngorm.

Who runs the website? has been created and is run by Cubicle Centre Ltd. Cubicle Centre Ltd is an established family run business with over 20 years manufacturing expertise in manufacturing washroom panel products.

How can I order cubicles for my School?

Once you know which cubicle system is best for you (the Product Selector will tell you), give our sales stall a call on 01924 457600 or fill in the contact form a we will call you back.

What details will I need in order to get a quote?

We will need to know the cubicle system you are interested in, how many cubicles, vanity units and panels you require. A drawing with measurement would also be perfect.

Do you have a price list?

Due to our products being made to measure, pricing is on a job-to-job basis.

See the question above to see the details we need before we can provide you with a quote.

Can I open an account with Cubicle Centre Ltd?

You may apply to open an account with us. Account application forms are available from our main website:

Unless you currently hold an account with us, all made to measure specials and bespoke items are subject to pro-forma prepayment.

How quickly can I get my order?

Lead times can vary from 7 working days to 10-15 working days depending on your specific requirements.

NOTE: Lead times may increase during busier periods of the year (i.e. school holidays).

Schools looking to refurbish washrooms during school holidays are advised to place their order several weeks beforehand.

Do you offer a fit-out service?

Cubicle Centre manufacture and supply only. Our washroom systems are designed to be easily installed by any competent tradesperson.

Which cubicles are suitable for wet areas?

Cubicles made with Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) panels are suitable for wet or shower areas. CGL panels are also impact resistant making them perfect for high usage areas. The cubicle systems which use CGL panels are Cairngorm and Brecon CGL.

Which cubicles are best suited for nursery children?

Due to its design, size and vibrant colour choices, Sydney cubicles are great for nurseries.

Which cubicles can I get quickly?

We offer a boxed packed cubicle which is easy to construct onsite. Pendle Junior is usually delivered 48 hours after ordered. For more details on the full Pendle range visit